Dark Web Credential Monitoring

Today more than ever, consumers are leveraging online shopping, banking, accounting and other hosted solutions that is leaving their personal information at risk of being stolen. When a hacker gets a hold of your emails and passwords, they have gained a copy of the keys to your house to walk in and take what they want. Many consumers reuse a small list of passwords to be able to commit to memory and be able to access their accounts at any given moment. Unfortunately this paints a very easy target for hackers to gain the keys to your kingdom and we are seeing this more today then ever before.

Shadow IT Group is now offering Dark Web Credential Monitoring for all businesses, consumers and anyone who wants to know before it is to late that their information is in the hands of those who want to steal from you.

Staying ahead of hackers is a daunting task even for the largest companies out there. Companies have to stay on top of the hundreds of thousands of exploits in the wild and protect against everything from zero day exploits to advanced persistent threats. The problem is hackers just need to focus on one exploit till they find someone vulnerable for it. In 2017 we saw Equifax breached stealing as many as 145 million Americans identities. This is staggering to comprehend but very real. Today and in the future we need to be proactive and have the ability to identify who has our information before it is to late.

For merely $2.00 per month per email we actively monitor dark web channels looking for related information in our database that can alert you to a compromise before credit monitoring services are aware.