Good security practices start with an exceptional network and server design. At Shadow IT Group we believe in a holistic approach that encompasses many practices and fields to ensure you receive the most up to date security practices possible. This means your network and servers will not only be deployed to fill the needs of your business, but your equipment will be designed and provisioned with security of your data in mind. When planning and budgeting for your new Data Center or office, Shadow IT Group partners with your business to ensure that everything from building your network to deploying new servers uses the latest security measures are in place to help protect your data.

We currently provide the following network design services:

  • Cabling structured wiring Category 6, 6a, 7, and Fiber Optic
  • Wireless Design and Implementation

  • VMWare Private cloud design and deployment
  • Network Routing and Design including firewall ACL, VPN, Site 2 Site, WAN, BGP, DWDM design for branch office deployments

  • Mobile Device Management Design and Implementation
  • Domain and Policy design and implementation

Network Design

Structured Cabling

We use the latest best practices to install Ethernet and Fiber Optic cabling for your data needs. From individual workstation wiring to data center structured wiring. we bring high speed data connections to your business and infrastructure.

Wireless Design and Implementation

Today, wireless has become an essential part of business. Allowing mobility for your employees and complimentary access to your customers, Wireless has become a standard in the workplace. Wireless can often be a area of weakness for businesses. Allowing attackers to reach into your network without having to be inside your office. Shadow IT Group delivers best in class wireless design to fit your needs while ensuring the latest in mobile security is employed.

VMWare Private Cloud

Virtualization has allowed businesses to leverage the full potential of hardware that has been purchased. This is done by taking a server a breaking it up into multiple virtual servers that can perform many different functions. Shadow IT Group can help your business design and deploy your hypervisor infrastructure to fit your business needs as well as educate staff on functionality and best practices. From 1 hypervisor to 80 + we have the experience you need to deliver an effective virtualization private cloud.

Network Routing and Design

Network security is comprised of multiple practices that add layers of protection in order to limit the landscape in which an attacker can exploit. Proper Network and Routing implementation is essential to ensure continuity of business operations while limiting your threat landscape to a more manageable level.

Network Routing is an essential part of how your computers have the ability to talk to what it needs to. It is an under the covers function that many find highly complex and to some, a foreign language. Shadow IT Group can step in and provide your business with a secure implementation that keeps you moving at a pace that is essential for your business.

Shadow IT Group can help your current infrastructure staff manage access controls and reporting to ensure your business remains in compliance with current standards.

Mobile Device Management

With mobility of your business becoming an essential part of how you do business. You do not have to comprimise on security while away from your office. Mobile Device Management helps to ensure no matter where you are, your devices are protected and constantly being scanned to ensure your mobile devices remain in compliance with company standards.

Domain and Policy Design

When you have multiple employees, your business relies on Active Directory to ensure your employees have access to what they need and nothing more. This is done through policies that outline how users connect to your domain, what devices they have access to and many more. Domains are a software form of protection and management that help your business by integrating access controls for each user and/or group.

With the use of a domain. Your business has access to policies that ensure everyone that connects to the domain, remains protected. Shadow IT Group provides best practice recommendations that employ policies that meet current cyber security designs and recommendations.