1. More than products and services, Defense in Depth.

    At Shadow IT Group we understand cyber security for a business can be a daunting task to take on. Often many businesses avoid the topic because there is no one good solution. At Shadow IT Group we bring to you a partnership that helps to guide you through what cyber security means and what we all should be doing to protect ourselves and identities online. Shadow IT Group does not have a single sol…Read More

  2. Retain Customer Confidence in your Brand

    On July 10th 2018 It was reported that Macys and Bloomingdales suffered a data breach in their online store between April 26th and June 12th. Initial reports indicate that a threat actor accessed the data by opening accounts on the sites to gain access to the data. This is the latest attack to occur to an online retailer among others including Sears, Kmart, Whole Foods and Under Armour. These brea…Read More

  3. Cryptography how does it work?

    This is a bit of a deep dive into cryptography and how it works. Many questions have been asked on how cryptography works and how it ensures the information contained in it is safe. What we will discuss is the concept of what is called asymmetric encryption as that is the most commonly used today. Asymmetric encryption uses what is called one way functions to generate 2 extremely large prime numbe…Read More

  4. IoT Isolation… what is it?

    Shadow IT Group is constantly observing internet threat trends and the potential they can have to disrupt and cause havoc on peoples lives and businesses without even knowing most times. One of the biggest stories out there are the vulnerabilities that come with IoT devices. What are IoT devices? they are all the little smart devices you have in your home in business. The cool little gadgets that …Read More

  5. DHS and FBI Alert

    Be advised, On the 25th US-CERT in a joint effort with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have released an advisory to all personal and small business users. As Shadow IT Group started and continues to advocate for security readiness of small businesses as well as personal users, we felt it necessary to publish this. ALERT TA18-145A Alerts to a threat against personal, small and even …Read More

  6. Data Backup and Recovery

    Shadow IT Group is now offering data backup and recovery solutions for your business and personal use. Last year 1 in 4 people and businesses were impacted by a data breach. With the rise in ransomware attacks and exploits, it is not a matter of "If it happens" but "When it happens". So when the "When" happens, make sure you are protected by having your data backed up. We live in an age where our …Read More

  7. IoT

    As we have been scouring the web and looking at trending news, one topic seems to resound. IoT or Internet Of Things. Do you use a smart thermostat?, Use your Amazon Echo to get the latest news or music?, Samsung Smart Things to turn on your lights when you arrive at home? Well, it is becoming very common in everyday life that you have at least 1 IoT device in your home or office. From televisions…Read More

  8. Credential Monitoring

    Dark Web Credential Monitoring Today more than ever, consumers are leveraging online shopping, banking, accounting and other hosted solutions that is leaving their personal information at risk of being stolen. When a hacker gets a hold of your emails and passwords, they have gained a copy of the keys to your house to walk in and take what they want. Many consumers reuse a small list of passwords t…Read More