1. Retain Customer Confidence in your Brand

    On July 10th 2018 It was reported that Macys and Bloomingdales suffered a data breach in their online store between April 26th and June 12th. Initial reports indicate that a threat actor accessed the data by opening accounts on the sites to gain access to the data. This is the latest attack to occur to an online retailer among others including Sears, Kmart, Whole Foods and Under Armour. These brea…Read More

  2. Justifying Cost

    We understand adding security measures to your business and budget can seem like overkill, sometimes even a waste of money. Do a basic search on google for hackers targeting small businesses and you get pages of articles from various sources explaining why hackers love to target the SMB market. They prey on what you take for granted. Your too small, budget is tight, you believe you have nothing of…Read More