When it comes to cyber security companies, Shadow IT Group strives to be the very best. We have an expansive suite of services, including network security, compliance analysis, incident response, and account takeover protection. If you’re worried about your company becoming the victim of a cyber attack, or you want to take precautions so that your customers’ information is always protected, we can help.

Read our blog posts today for tips on how our cyber security services can help you, what kind of threats are out there, and what steps you can take to ensure that your business is safe at all times.

  1. Why Us?

    One day during a conversation with a prospective client I was asked "Why did you decide to start this business".  This really sparked an interesting conversation that dug a lot deeper then just the surface of providing Cyber Security solutions to small and medium sized businesses. After all, this was not an elevator pitch, it was to determine where my heart was at. So I thought I would share this…Read More

  2. Justifying Cost

    We understand adding security measures to your business and budget can seem like overkill, sometimes even a waste of money. Do a basic search on google for hackers targeting small businesses and you get pages of articles from various sources explaining why hackers love to target the SMB market. They prey on what you take for granted. Your too small, budget is tight, you believe you have nothing of…Read More

  3. Why Small Businesses Need Cyber Security Services

    If you own a small business, then you likely wear many hats, from owner to accountant to marketing manager. You’re responsible for making sure the company is headed in the right direction, and if something goes wrong, then the blame likely falls squarely on your shoulders. At Shadow IT Group, we can help small business owners find the cyber security services that they need to protect their compa…Read More

  4. IoT Isolation… what is it?

    Shadow IT Group is constantly observing internet threat trends and the potential they can have to disrupt and cause havoc on peoples lives and businesses without even knowing most times. One of the biggest stories out there are the vulnerabilities that come with IoT devices. What are IoT devices? they are all the little smart devices you have in your home in business. The cool little gadgets that …Read More

  5. Why we do what we do

    I understand the measures we recommend can seem to be a bit on the overkill side and even justifying the monthly subscription cost can be difficult as the uncertainty of what value tools like Intrusion Detection Systems and Malware protection coupled with virus protection really offers. The fact is threats today have learned to adapt to measures most people have used since the 90’s to protect th…Read More

  6. Threat Intelligence

      Threat Intelligence Shadow IT Group brings best in class correlation and analysis of threat intelligence. Every engagement we meet changes based on landscape, needs and even the intel that is discovered through our rigorous process of fusing information from multiple streams to build a complete and comprehensive picture of the threat actors. By leveraging both Public and Private sector as well …Read More

  7. What Can a Cyber Security Company Do For You?

    At Shadow IT Group, we offer a comprehensive list of services, and as your cyber security company, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you have the protection and infrastructure you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up company with four people, or a large corporation with 5,000 employees, we can design a plan for your business. Above all, we want you to feel that you’ve made th…Read More

  8. Who Wants to Steal Your Customers’ Information?

    When you own a business, you have to be aware of who your competition is and who is going to give you a run for your money in the marketplace. No matter what industry you’re in, there will be times when your competition will get the best of you, as well as times when you get the best of them. However, your company does everything it can to abide by a code of ethics and to protect your customers…Read More

  9. The Damage That a Cyber Attack Can Do

    At Shadow It Group, we understand the damage that a cyber attack can have on a company, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing expert cyber security services and to helping businesses protect sensitive information. If you’re concerned about your data being stolen or leaked on the dark web, then please contact us today. With our experience and expertise, you can have the peace of mind th…Read More