We understand adding security measures to your business and budget can seem like overkill, sometimes even a waste of money. Do a basic search on google for hackers targeting small businesses and you get pages of articles from various sources explaining why hackers love to target the SMB market.

They prey on what you take for granted. Your too small, budget is tight, you believe you have nothing of value. Hackers are not just proficient in knowing how to get into your systems, they are proficient in knowing how you think, what you believe, who your customers are, who your close friends and family are. The list goes on. The fact that exploiting and stealing from anyone is no longer just in the hands of those who know how to hack into systems, but also those who know how to download simple programs and run them, makes today a very dangerous time to live in. Programs are available today that allow anyone with minimal computer experience to run exploits on victims with very little knowledge. Millions of people every year fall victim to a virus, malware, phishing exploits and more. Daily, you see on the news another business being taken down because of their lack of acknowledgment that a threat really exists. Even as proof mounts of these attacks, we still hold to our beliefs that we are not vulnerable.

Shadow IT Group was built to be a business that you can depend on. A business that works tirelessly to protect you, your business and your customers. We built this company specifically with personal, small, and medium  sized businesses in mind. Our solutions are designed to keep costs extremely low while giving you the technology that helps protect enterprises.

Small local businesses need other businesses to help them continue to work. With budgets lean, they also need to be cautious of what they do and don’t do. They are fragile and disruptions can be devastating to businesses. The cost of money stolen or paying ransoms to potentially get data back is not something businesses can afford yet it is a calculated risk. Sometimes it pays off others not. Today that calculated risk no longer favors the business owners. It favors the attackers. And what they are after will put your business out.

Insurance is like a safety net for when you get sick. When that time comes, and you need it; you really need it. It is something you expect as necessary cost. Something you purchase before you need it. Insurance is peace of mind so you know you are covered. Year after year you pay for it but do not need to use it. Why? how do you justify it? Peace of mind. You know one day unexpectedly you will need it. When you do, it will be one less thing you have to worry about during that difficult time. This, is what cyber security solutions provide. They don’t have to be expensive, but they give you peace of mind that when that day comes and you need it, you have it. It is a layer of insurance that if something happens, you can get back up and running in a fraction of the time and it is a solution hackers hope you don’t have in place.

Cyber security is not something that is effective when the damage is done. Is most effective before the exploit to ensure that not if it happens but when it happens you have a plan in place to recover. In the time of need, cybersecurity justifies it’s cost when you are protected.