Shadow IT Group is now offering data backup and recovery solutions for your business and personal use. Last year 1 in 4 people and businesses were impacted by a data breach. With the rise in ransomware attacks and exploits, it is not a matter of “If it happens” but “When it happens”. So when the “When” happens, make sure you are protected by having your data backed up.

We live in an age where our lives and our businesses have some digital presence. Businesses in order to be profitable require exposure to everything from digital marketing, social media, to e-commerce. Today we have begun to venture into IoT devices with smart thermostats and smart appliances. All of these areas require exposure to the internet, and unfortunately exposure sometimes means vulnerability. Leaving doors open to your house and business is like leaving your front door to your house wide open while you are away.

Shadow IT helps customers layer security affordably so that they are equipped with security measures that prevent compromise of their data, their life, their identity. Unfortunately events occur that are unforeseen and when that happens, you want to make sure you are prepared for it. Being proactive is like buying health insurance before you need it. By employing a backup or disaster recovery solution, you are protecting your business and personal interests in hopes that you will never need to use it. When disasters occur, viruses wipe out your data, or ransomware encrypts your data and you need to get your life back, make sure that you have peace of mind knowing you are able to by backing up your data.