Brand Jacking

At Shadow IT Group, our focus is on protecting your business and you customers. Today, there are people out there looking to ride on the coat tails of your business and your brand identity. They are not afraid of ruining the image of your company, rather make as much money as possible before being shut down.

We all hear about the hackers stealing personal identities and gaining access to businesses customer information, however an ever looming issue is someone stealing your businesses identity. How can this happen? Imagine going onto ebay or amazon and seeing a product for sale by a company claiming to be you. You look further into the merchant further and find that this merchant is selling the same product you are however they are selling forgeries of what you sell and customers are not to happy.

This type of attack can ruin your business for good. Rebuilding a brand image after something like that is devastating and many times unrecoverable. How can you prevent this from happening? There are many tools available such as hootsuite that you can use to monitor social media feeds to see what people are saying about you. On a much broader scope, Shadow IT offers brand identity protection by monitoring Internet and Dark Web feeds for identifying data points that link your brand, products, customers and intellectual property.

This type of attack has been occurring for some time now, however most don’t realize how common it is due to the scope and nature of the problem. Big companies have big budgets, a host of lawyers and staff to tackle this problem on a daily basis. Big companies usually make the news, however SMB’s very rarely ever make headlines when this occurs due to the market share they hold. This means that many times this issue never make the headlines for others to see which allows this problem to continue.

Our team scours these data points and alerts you so you can be proactive instead of reactive once the damage is done. Contact us today so that we can sit down with you and talk about how we can help your business protect itself and customers.