One day during a conversation with a prospective client I was asked “Why did you decide to start this business”.  This really sparked an interesting conversation that dug a lot deeper then just the surface of providing Cyber Security solutions to small and medium sized businesses. After all, this was not an elevator pitch, it was to determine where my heart was at. So I thought I would share this with our followers.

Near the end of 2017 my son was born. Such a great moment in my life to see this newborn be born into this world. I was filled with so much self reflection at that moment that caused both frustration and prayer as to what am I doing. See, I have spent more then 20 + years working for many agencies and fortune 500 companies to be the very best in my field. Learning and growing my knowledge from everything in IT to come to the apex of where I am today in Cyber Security. Defending those who are unable to. I wanted to help businesses grow by employing me to deliver the knowledge I had gained and put it to use for them.

After years of putting in 60 + hours a week I became frustrated that I was Living to work, instead of working to Live. Having hardly been home with my family and having my schedule determined by the latest crisis at work I felt as if i was trudging through work with no sense of doing something good for the community to better those around me.

I have watched news stories on TV report about the latest breaches and how large fortune 500 companies were failing to do what was necessary to protect our information and that is when it hit me. The why. In my security background there are tons of companies out there with their own solution to this epidemic but the products are all designed for the large corporation in mind. What about the rest of us? the entrepreneurs, the businesses that are not big enough to make nightly news? who is helping them protect their life investment? I could not find a company wholly focused on the little guys. The ones that have far more to loose and the one that cannot afford the high dollar tech and the Masters Degree required to run it.

At that moment looking at this precious baby brought into this world I decided it was going to be me. Not for the glory, not for retiring tomorrow. After all, all entrepreneurs know, Starting and running a business is not easy and the odds of failing are tremendous. But at that moment, looking at my family I felt alive again full of ambition to help others around me keep and protect what they have invested their life into. With all the technology we have today we have created doors into our personal space that anyone can walk into and nobody was standing up for these voices. Knowing it would not be easy all I needed was possible. Possibility of knowing what we do helps businesses stay in business. Help families feel safe in their own homes.

By taking what I have learned over decades of experience and applying it to an area most businesses avoid, I can fill a gap in this area that is desperately needed and live life with a purpose again. Knowing what I am doing is making a difference in this world. Helping all of us stand up to these breaches and begin to fight back, the path became clear for us. The why became crystal clear. The how was just around the corner.

I understand this post is probably a brain dump of feelings and thoughts, so I apologize for not being very eloquent with the delivery.