Threat Intelligence

Shadow IT Group brings best in class correlation and analysis of threat intelligence. Every engagement we meet changes based on landscape, needs and even the intel that is discovered through our rigorous process of fusing information from multiple streams to build a complete and comprehensive picture of the threat actors. By leveraging both Public and Private sector as well as other various streams, our analysts are ready to adapt to changes as case studies evolve and information is obtained.

Having a security team on your side with knowledge and experience in both threat psychological profile as well as intent, allows us to get into the core of what drives the attacks and how best to deploy counter intel measures to fight against threat actors regardless of their motivation or other contributing factors. Having access to to these cells of information allows us to peel back the layers and not only deploy proper counter intel strategies but gather proper intel to strategize a strategy to address your event in a timely, knowledgeable and professional manner.

We have deployed multiple sensors throughout the world to capture and record attempts in order to provide valuable intel to the community and allow for faster identification of threats as they are discovered. There is not one tool that addresses all situations. It takes an experienced team to be able to adjust tactics as a situation evolves by leveraging their knowledge and training to bring you resolution and confidence in our abilities.