On July 10th 2018 It was reported that Macys and Bloomingdales suffered a data breach in their online store between April 26th and June 12th. Initial reports indicate that a threat actor accessed the data by opening accounts on the sites to gain access to the data.

This is the latest attack to occur to an online retailer among others including Sears, Kmart, Whole Foods and Under Armour. These breaches not only impact the customers that have had their information stolen, but also cause loss in trust with business brands as consumers are less likely to continue to use online services with the retailer for fear of the same thing happening to them.

With a growing number of consumers moving to online shopping, many businesses are trying to remain competitive by ramping up their online presence. If not prepared to answer threats present while transitioning, businesses can suffer more in the long run that may not be able to be overcome. It is important to understand that for every business, regardless if you have an online presence or not, you need to ensure you are protecting your customers and your business data.

With the growing number of threats that are out there today, it is difficult to understand what would be the most cost effective and relevant measures to take, so many try to do it on their own. While this is a great first start, this leaves many gaps in plans to protect and recover in the event of an event.

At Shadow IT Group we are constantly staying informed of the latest threats and methods employed to protect your business from these threats. Our solutions are focused on protecting all businesses big or small regardless of budget. We work hard to ensure you stay profitable and relevant in a very competitive market.

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