At Shadow IT Group we understand cyber security for a business can be a daunting task to take on. Often many businesses avoid the topic because there is no one good solution. At Shadow IT Group we bring to you a partnership that helps to guide you through what cyber security means and what we all should be doing to protect ourselves and identities online. Shadow IT Group does not have a single solution that answers all the potential exploits out there. Frankly, there is not one that exists. What we do is teach, monitor, and recommend actions to take based on our highly experienced analysts that give you the peace of mind you need.

Most businesses just “Want their systems to work” When they dont, they turn to their local computer repair shop to help them fix the problem. In cyber security this is always evolving and depending on how you do business determines what solutions will work best for you. Layering your protection reduces your attack surface area and ensures your critical information remains safe.

Defense in depth analyses all aspects of your business digitally and physically and outlines areas of weaknesses your business may have to allow you to understand where you are in need of fortifying your defenses.Defense in Depth is about layering your defenses to ensure your attack surface is as small as possible.

Your business needs to operate, utilize digital resources, and focus on core business functions. This leaves little time to understand and ensure your network and computers are safe from prying eyes. This is where Shadow IT Group focuses it’s efforts. By providing our business partners with best in class service, expert knowledge of emerging threats and understanding of best practices on how to defend against these attacks. You can leave the work to us to ensure your business and your customers remain safe with you.