Shadow IT Group is constantly observing internet threat trends and the potential they can have to disrupt and cause havoc on peoples lives and businesses without even knowing most times. One of the biggest stories out there are the vulnerabilities that come with IoT devices.

What are IoT devices? they are all the little smart devices you have in your home in business. The cool little gadgets that turn on or off your lights, adjust temperature in your home, lock your doors, look up recipes from your refrigerator and even that device you talk to to get weather, play music and the like. These devices have become increasingly popular as they allow people easy ways of saying a command or pushing a button and your house comes to life (figuratively speaking).

What many don’t know is how these devices work underneath it all. Shadow IT Group recognizes the benefits these devices can have on your everyday life, however we also recognize how inherently insecure these devices are as they open your business and home up to enable attackers to perform actions like taking control of cameras, listening to conversations, even accessing other devices within your personal space.

We are introducing IoT isolation in our devices which in short, separates these devices from the rest of your house. By doing this we restrict access to and from these devices to any other computers within your house or business and preventing attackers from using these devices as a way to get in. We are continuing to work on adding additional features that will greatly reduce attackers ability to listen in on conversations and take control of these devices. Stay tuned!