Be advised, On the 25th US-CERT in a joint effort with the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have released an advisory to all personal and small business users. As Shadow IT Group started and continues to advocate for security readiness of small businesses as well as personal users, we felt it necessary to publish this.


Alerts to a threat against personal, small and even medium sized businesses who have internet access in their office space. The threat actors are targeting weaknesses in these routers as they are rarely updated and often times contain default setups known to the public such as default admin passwords and even vulnerabilities to the software running on them.

The threats pose serious disruption to business and personal operations and if attacked can cause serious damage to business operations and even allow loss of confidential information. These threats are very real and are more frequently then ever before. Our lives have become more mobile and many of us take our work home with us, which means data for businesses often do not just stay in the office, they are carried home. This means if your home internet is vulnerable, your business in turn can unintentionally be affected as well. It is advised if you experience any odd behavior to immediately reboot your router to slow the attack down and reach out to our 24 x 7 Security Operation Center to assist you and your business prevent these types of attacks from damaging your reputation and operations. Below is a link to the advisory.