I understand the measures we recommend can seem to be a bit on the overkill side and even justifying the monthly subscription cost can be difficult as the uncertainty of what value tools like Intrusion Detection Systems and Malware protection coupled with virus protection really offers. The fact is threats today have learned to adapt to measures most people have used since the 90’s to protect their information. Antivirus and firewalls are good first lines of defense to someone attempting to get a hold of your information however they are easily avoidable by threats. This means that layering protection has become essential to help deter threats from looking further.
What Shadow IT Group provides is a step further then just selling you a product and walking away. We start with installing the security measures and then we monitor the identified threats. Once they have been identified we contribute this information to a large database that allows our systems and service to become smarter as they find this behavior. This means that our services get stronger and help other customers by removing false positives and identify faster on activity that we have already seen and verified as malicious. Shadow IT Group has taken systems used in large corporations and scaled it down to a size and price point that is consumable for personal use. This is revolutionary to the cyber security industry and we believe is by far the best in class.
Today there are routers and software that offer similar builtin functionality. The issue with it is that once in place, it is left to do its job and usually forgotten about as most people don’t know what to do with the information once they have it and there is little to no support as well as no monitoring by trained cyber security analysts. We have filled this gap by bringing a complete solution from prevention to recovery in 1 package at a low monthly cost. How much? as low as $80 / month for a package including Virus Protection, Malware Protection, Web Filtering, System Backups, and a Intrusion Detection System.
All these systems cannot just be deployed and forgotten about, they need to be monitored, tuned, updated, developed. All to often these are installed and forgotten about which means the likelihood of them failing grows exponentially over time until they no longer offer any value and just become a nuisance
I truly believe in this service and it is why I started this business. I believe we need to and have the ability to protect as many people as possible as our lives have become more and more digital. Our work lives and personal lives have become intertwined and no longer can be separated. So the same systems that protect corporations, need to be available to all. Don’t believe it? Just open a web browser and do a search on how to avoid antivirus detection and you will get a staggering amount of results and information.
I urge everyone to do their research on these products and reach out to us with any questions.