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Shadow IT Group brings 20 + years of experience in cyber security knowledge and experience to personal, and Small and Medium sized businesses.

Meet Matthew Davis CEO

Matthew  has developed a vast amount of expertise from public and private sector organizations. Since the mid 90's Matthew has had a passion for all things related to IT and has worked in many IT related capacities to build his knowledge to offer organizations expertise rarely seen. With a passion for protecting people and businesses from attackers he started Shadow IT Group to bring solutions to people commonly only seen in the enterprise organizations. 

After working in the industry for many years one thing Matthew saw was that companies struggle to implement security measures in their organizations due to cost, expertise and other factors. This has put many people and businesses at risk for loosing their life investments. Knowing that there are many solutions available, many are not complete and only covered a portion of what is required to protect your information. Matthew sought out how best to deliver a complete set of solutions to customers in an affordable way and without requiring any expertise. This is when Shadow IT Group was born. 

Matthew designed Shadow IT Group to be a partner to businesses and personal users. This offers them a trusted resource for all things IT. With his knowledge in all aspects of IT and business he tirelessly strives to build an unprecedented customer centric focus on product and services that everyone can afford.